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11 Dec YEARS

A brain trust of engineers, programmers and nerds with the use of a customized record player, a particular camera, a photo camera and a computer for data recording, created a vinyl player able to play slices of wood.

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

The rings inside the wood correspond to the age of the tree. Every slice is different between each other for resistance, thickness and “growth rate”. Thanks to this data a new scale is created which completely redefines the aspect of wood, that goes from dark to light and to thick and less thick. These last factors – color and thickness – are those whom permit the interface with the computer software which fits the information onto a musical scale for piano and is the basis of the project YEARS; indeed to them correspond pitch (do, re, mi..) and attack (volume) of the note. This data gained from the tree and processed by the computer can be very different and so can interpret in a very different way the programming of the entire project.

In a few words the entire life of a tree is played by piano.

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